Membership Benefits

Outdoors NSW ACT seeks to facilitate a professional network and provide the following opportunities, services and benefits to members:


  • E-news monthly communications
  • Support for your events, deals and news on via our social channels
  • Member stories, share your story with our subscribers
  • Access to an annual subscription to JOEE (JOURNAL OF OUTDOOR & ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION ) for $35 JOEE


  • Representation and advocacy with associated industries, State and Federal Government and Inter-Agency Forums
  • Ability to raise issues with Outdoors NSW ACT for consideration by our board to advocate to government and third parties on your behalf.
  • Collaboration with the outdoor community on key workforce development issues


  • Affiliation with and representation on state and national bodies including the Outdoor Council of Australia and Outdoor Education Australia
  • Professional network access
  • Uniting the outdoor community for a stronger voice to promote the benefits of outdoor experiences

Training and Development

  • Professional development calendar with discounted access to Outdoors NSW ACT events such as: Annual Conference, workshops, seminars and training forums.
  • Regular online training and networking events

Standards and Accreditation

  • Advice on important industry initiatives to enhance adventure activity standards and quality program delivery.
  • Members rates for National Accommodation, Recreation, and Tourism Accreditation (NARTA) Program as an endorsement that your organisation meets required outdoor practice standards

Branding and Board Membership

  • License to use Outdoors NSW ACT Logo on your materials as promotion of your membership to Outdoors NSW ACT
  • Ability to vote at our AGM. Opportunity to nominate yourself or others to the Outdoors NSW ACT Board


  • Eligibility to discounts from our growing number of partners, including Equipped Outdoors, One Planet and Paddy Pallin

Membership Discounts, Deals And Resources

Paddy Pallin would like to offer Outdoors NSW ACT members  Educational and Pro Club Memberships for students and staff in the Outdoor Education community. Please be aware of the eligibility requirements for each membership before applying.  The Paddy Pallin Educational Membership is valid for all students and staff that do not work in a full-time capacity in their role. The Paddy Pallin Pro Club Membership is offered to all staff that work in a full-time basis in their suitable role. This membership has an annual renewal and is of use only for your personal requirements. For More information Contact: Emma Jessop – 02 8717 7371 E

Equipped Outdoors is a “to industry” supplier of Outdoor Clothing, Equipment and Ropng. Membership of Outdoors NSW ACT allows you to purchase on out Bulk Pricing programmes including Party Plan – Bomber Gear for Groups and Mates Rates – Glam Gear for Guides & weekends. Access a copy of our web-linked Pricing Resources and a wealth of industry information. We enjoy working with like-minded organisations; making all aspects of equipment easy.
For more information contact: Cameron Grave – 02 9489 8666 e

One Planet are offering:
1.Access to One Planet Pro Deal (each member must be approved by One Planet Staff and acknowledge terms and conditions set out by One Planet).
2. Access to One Planet Video Resources – How to guides for students (designed in collaboration with outdoor Education teachers)
For more information contact 03 9311 5244 or email for a quote on gear (sales, hire, servicing and cleaning, repairs and parts, PDF catalogue, advice and just about anything else).  

47 Million hours of outdoor recreation by NSW residents ages 15+ in NSW in 2018.

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