Outdoors NSW & ACT  has been evolving for over 30 years. 

Established in 1984 as The Outdoor Professionals and later becoming the Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of NSW (ORIC) the organisation has long been recognised as the peak industry body representing the interests of outdoor practitioners and employers in NSW & the ACT. 

Due to diversification and interconnection of the outdoors industry, in 2015 ORIC completed the Evolution of ORIC initiative to define the future delivery focus and values of the organisation. In 2016 the organisation was re-branded as Outdoors NSW  to better reflect who we are, who we represent and who we serve. In 2020 we grew a little more, and today, we proudly represent both the ACT & NSW, and have rebranded once more to be know as Outdoors NSW ACT.

Outdoors NSW ACT is actively involved in “Advancing Outdoor Experiences”

  • Through improving standards and quality 
  • Through greater collaboration 
  • Through innovation of outdoor experiences, and 
  • Through promoting outdoor experiences as a pursuit.

Today our membership base – and community – are much broader than recreation and much more inclusive than a council. More than being a vehicle to promote and safeguard our interests we are a conduit to an industry that is maturing, multi-faceted and inclusive. 

We are paving the way for more people to make a livelihood in the outdoors in NSW & the ACT, through identifying hurdles and solutions, and upskilling and capacity building of the sector to raise its professional standing. 


53 Million – Number of times NSW residents aged 15+ participated in nature based outdoor recreation in NSW in 2018.

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